Mune is the main, titular protagonist of Mune: Guardian of the Moon.


Mune is a blue coloured Faun with a short tail. He has deer-like ears that often tell his emotions. He also has very long limbs. His forearm and lower legs are covered in darker coloured fur. Unlike most members of his kind he is shown to have a lighter tone of blue for his fur.


Mune is portrayed as a very mischievous creature. Because of his clumsy personality, he often ruins or breaks something which typically leads to a big mess; however, Mune is courageous and is able to make up for the things that he has done wrong. He is also quite caring, as shown when interacting with Glim.

Though he teases Sohone, he cares for him as well.


Not much is known about Mune's early life, but before becoming a guardian, he was shown to be very playful but also irresponsible, with no desire to become a guardian. But this could have been a lie, considering that when before he fails to succeed protecting the moon without causing trouble on his first day being a guardian, he happily shouts that he is guardian of the moon.


Mune is shown to have both a father and a younger sister.


Mune's father


Mune's Sister


As a Faun, Mune has many amazing powers. This includes :

Enhanced Jumps: Mune is able to jump high and at a very long distance.

"Singing": As one of the members of the people of the night, Mune is able to control and speak to other creatures of the night such as fireflies and flowers.

As the guardian of the moon, Mune has access to abilities, such as :

Master of Dreams: With this ability, Mune is able to enter the World of Dreams and also is capable of controlling said world at will.

Sandman: An ability that Mune possessed even before becoming the Guardian of the Moon. This ability allows Mune to banish or change nightmares to pleasant dreams. This ability can also change the actions or behavior of other characters, such as falling asleep, or calming people that have gone out of control.

Other abilities

Sculpting craftmanship: Mune can sculpt Glim skillfully, as seen with what was left of her melted candlewax body.

Knowledgeable in different types of algae that grant temporary abilities, so to speak, as seen when he tricks Sohone into eating a type of Helium Algae as opposed to Oxygen Algae; this also means he can tell the difference with ease.



  • Mune is pronounced as "Myoon"
  • Mune is the only guardian of the moon to have ever entered the world of dreams and craft a moon, beside the first guardian of the moon.
  • Mune closely resembles Stitch from “Lilo and Stitch”.
  • Mune and his kind resembles the Na’vi from Jame Cameron’s "Avatar”.