Glim is the tritagonist of Mune: Guardian of the Moon and the girlfriend of Mune.


Glim appears to be around 14 years old, and has a very slender build, large black eyes, and orange/peach skin and hair. She is around the same height as Mune. The dripping patterns of her wax body create her hair and what resembles a dress. When she gets too cold her body hardens and freezes, becoming stiff and paler in color.


Glim, is highly intelligent and resourceful yet fragile. Because of her fragile state, she can be seen worried of freezing and breaking such as when Mune and Sohone were heading underwater. While it is so, she is shown to be brave and courages when the balance and the safety of others is concerned 'till the point of sacrificing her own self. 

She is also shown to have a side which yearns for adventure. This can be proven when she wrote about the guardians having amazing adventures and looks upset when she is made to realise that such and adventure including herself would be impossible because of her fragile state.  


Before meeting Mune and Sohone, Glim lived alone with her father. Glim and her family are very sensitive to temperature because they are made of wax; they will freeze and lose consciousness when it's cold and melt when it's hot. Glim's mother was killed (melted) by the sun's heat while picking vegetables outside during the day. As a result, her father constantly worries about her safety and is overprotective to the point of insisting that she should never leave their home. She also spends most of her time studying astronomy and reading "the ancient books," which detail their world's history, folklore, and past guardians. She is also known to brake easily.


High Intellect


Glim and her family are the only known characters that are wax beings. They are also the only known characters who not from night or day (Glim says that she is from dawn and dusk).

Though Glim sinks in an underwater scene, wax floats in reality because it is an oil-based compound.